On Common Ground provides services in a variety of locations and environments, including a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, recovery homes, local schools, and at-risk youth and families activities. We also provide team building activities for organizations and businesses who want to create an environment and atmosphere cooperation.


The community drum circle is the use of a rhythm-based event as a tool for unity. It is NOT a drum class or using a culturally specific rhythm. A community drum circle is a fun, family friendly event, where people empower each other in the act of celebrating community and life through rhythm and music – all with the help of the drum circle facilitator.


Natural Lifemanship incorporates horses for emotional growth between a client and a horse for a better and healthier life. Natural Lifemanship in nature, means participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with horses, and then process (or discuss) their feelings, behaviors, and relationship patterns. Natural Lifemanship addresses a variety of mental health and development needs.


Rhythm 2 Recovery (R2R) is an evidenced based and curriculum focused drumming modality that uses rhythmic exercises that help to regulate emptions, anxiety, and stress, while increasing well-being. It focuses on the areas of the brain that drive behavior. The goal of the activity is to engage the whole brain as part of the healing experience. Ultimately, focusing less on exploring problems and more on finding the solutions.