On Common Ground is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that facilitates recovery from any addiction. Our safe and confidential environment promotes self-awareness, acceptance, healthy behaviors, and hope while healing from the inside out. We offer experiential research-based programs that educate and support individuals and families on their journey to freedom from addiction.


OCG serves clients in recovery, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, Treatment Courts, Prisons, Children’s Homes, Mental Health Agencies, and Youth Development Centers. We will facilitate programs in local schools and organizations that support Veterans.

It was amazing, the students were engaged and the drum circle became a safe place for them to express themselves.

Mrs. Thomas • Goode middle school

“Tracy and Sher Young are amazing individuals. And their nonprofit On Common Ground is a huge asset to this community.”

Dave Sunday • York County District Attorney

“I always feel better after leaving the drum circle “

Inmate at York County Prison

“Drumming with On Common Ground has helped heal my brain injury. They are beautiful people!”

Joan Maruskin • Community Activist

“(The biggest takeaway these kids expressed) “It’s not about  me and how load I can be, it’s about all of us being heard.”

Mrs. Sprenkle • Spring Grove Middle School